This is our first blog message to you from our newly created website.

Welcome. This is the first year that we are writing to you from Happy Heart Farm with the CSA vegetable production being in a resting state, with the fields in fallow and our relationships deepening inwardly. It is Spring Equinox.

As the winds of change blow so strongly across our fields, Bailey and I find ourselves wondering how our hearts, and the heart of the farm, can continue to serve our wonderful golden community. We know so many of you are holding us deeply in your hearts and your prayers; we feel this deeply.

Sprouts of cover crops planted last fall are starting to pop through this early March wind. There are dreams of neighborhoods gathering together to garden throughout the season, while we fallow most of the field, continuing to dream of what Happy Heart Farm will become this year, and years to follow.

We will continue to offer our Farm as a place of peace, retreat and celebration. We are offering weddings and farm to table dinners.  We will offer other gatherings for biodynamic and other educational opportunities for schools and groups to come learn about agricultural nature.

Bailey and I will be spending more time inwardly, while still engaging with the community where our leadership and experience can be helpful as we work with you as a growing sustainable living food system.  For us, as always, it continues to be a dance that we love to share with so much joy; with you, our beautiful community.

We welcome your comments questions, your dreams, your blessings. We look forward to the dance with you; the springtime dance of Hope which Springs eternally from our heart of hearts.