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Many hands make light work

At the Happy Heart Farm, our wonderful crew of working members are the backbone of the farm, supporting the farmers, apprentices and fellow members. We are grateful for their friendships and help in growing delicious healthy produce. Since many of the tasks on the Farm are done by hand, our working members are the visible manifestation of the adage: ”Many hands make light work”.

Past members have expressed that their service at the Farm is a form of therapy, a pleasant compliment to their regular jobs and routines. Feeling a part of the cycles of nature allows you to feel more connected to yourself, the land and the rhythms of the seasons

Whether you are a new or returning member, please let us know if you are interested in being a working share member. This information allows us to plan for the growing season and these positions fill up quickly!

Working Member commitment - April through the end of October. Working Memberships are available only to those who interview with Dennis Stenson first. Please do not sign up for a working membership until have talked to Dennis in person. He will begin scheduling working member interviews March 21, 2016.

Working Membership Discount Level:

  • 1st year members: 20% discount on vegetable share price

  • 2nd year members: 30%  discount on vegetable share price

  •            3rd year members: 50%  discount on vegetable share price
  • The $100 annual farm membership fee is due first, with specification as to what SIZE of vegetable share you will be working & trading for. When submitting payment for your vegetable share, please use cash or check only, sent or dropped off at the farm.


Benefits of a working member

  • Fresh air, being in sunshine and weather of all kinds

  • Learning and participating in many farm activities from planting in the greenhouse, transplanting in the fields, weeding, harvesting, washing produce in preparation for the weekly distribution

  • Meeting other kind and interesting community-minded folks

  • A sense of satisfaction and community is gained through group efforts and accomplishments


Working Membership Requirements 

  1. Interview with Dennis Stenson
  2.  Signed contract committing to 3 hours a week for the growing season (approximately six months) – Begins April through the end of October
  3. Being in good enough physical condition, (backs and knees especially) to handle the needed tasks

What to bring

  1. Sturdy work shoes, boots, or rubber boots

  2. Good work gloves

  3. Favorite kneeler or short gardening bench if you like

  4. Drinking water, a hat, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and whatever you need to be comfortable in various kinds of weather

Note: In the fall or early spring, when the weather turns fowl, we might need additional help to cover plants ahead of a strong wind or an early frost.


Missed Shifts – Vacation or Illness**

Requirements for making up for missed working times, vacations, illness etc. If you are ill, going on a vacation, or can not make it to your shift, please let us know by phone: 970-482-3448 and let us know when you plan to make up your hours.

If you miss your working hours one week & have not yet set up make-up hours, you have the option to bring your vegetables home that week for $15.

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