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Many hands make light work

Volunteer Opportunities at Happy Heart Farm CSA

There is a wonderful crew of volunteers at the Happy Heart Farm that work with the farmers, apprentices, and working members.  Many of the tasks at the farm are done by hand.  Our volunteers are the visible manifestation of the adage: ”Many hands make light work”.  We are grateful for their continuing friendship and neded help in growing delicious healthy produce.

We have shifted to our late-season working hours! Morning shifts begin at 7AM; bring an extra layer for the morning chill! Monday night shifts require a headlamp & extra layers at night to last until 8PM.

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Volunteer Hours Log - Please fill out after regular volunteering shifts.

"..the time I was able to volunteer and contribute was truly a blessing for me. I am so appreciative for the opportunity to have worked with all of you wonderful people and on a local farm that contributes to our local community where the benefits are actually experienced first hand. I learned so much, from various techniques like the "lasagna" method with the mulch to simple philosophies about taking care of the earth with our hands as it cares for us. I really enjoyed the ceremony with the sacred water Matt brought back from India. I felt blessed after cleaning out the shed with Dennis one day and a small little owl was sitting on the wood beam with us the whole time. This opportunity exposed me to the amazing farm culture and solidified my passion for people, food, and taking care of the land."
 - Megan, 2013 Volunteer

Benefits of being a volunteer:

  • soaking up the fresh air
  • being out in sunshine and weather of all kinds
  • learning and participating in many farm activities including planting in the greenhouse, transplanting in the fields, weeding, harvesting, and washing produce in preparation for the weekly distribution
  • meeting other kind and interesting community-minded folks
  • Helping to grow food for low income families- social justice activities

A sense of satisfaction and community is gained through group efforts and accomplishments.  Past volunteers have expressed that their working service at Happy Heart Farm is a form of therapy: a pleasant compliment to their regular jobs and routines. Feeling a part of the cycles of nature allows you to feel more connected to yourself, the land and the rhythms of the seasons.

Children: If you plan to bring children under 10 years old, we ask that you bring a partner, or friend to help supervise them.  Children tend to lose interest in the work at hand  and then begin to wander and this could pose a safety hazard.  We are in ‘work mode” during our shifts, which means we work quickly as possible with a focus on the task at hand. For their safety and our needs to get tasks accomplished we ask that you respect this guideline.

Requirements for volunteering:

  • Minimum of three hours (which is the standard work shift)
  • Being in good enough physical condition, (backs and knees especially), to handle the needed tasks
  • Log your volunteer hours in the distribution house

What to bring to your shift:

  • Farm footwear, sturdy work shoes or boots are usually best.  Some days mud boots are needed (we have some to lend for standard foot sizes). 
  • A good pair of work gloves that can get wet (not leather). King Soopers, and Safeway offers a variety. 
  • Favorite kneeler or a short gardening bench, you might consider bringing it, we are often in a stooping position in the fields where these tools could be helpful.
  • Drinking water, mosquito repellant, and whatever you need to be comfortable in various kinds of weather
  • Hat, sunscreen

A map to our Happy Heart Farm is located on our website. We are within biking distance from CSU, and on the bus route.

When intending to volunteer on any day of the week, we ask that you send us a quick email or a quick phone call so we know that you are on your way over to volunteer.  Doing so will help us know who is volunteering for that day. Also, you can help us by logging your volunteer hours.

We are so grateful for your efforts to support local food sustainability at Happy Heart Farm CSA.

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