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We offer many other shares from other local farmers. The shares are available to members of Happy Heart Farm CSA. Below you will find a description for each share.

Prices shown below do not include tax unless clearly stated.











Eggs - One DozenLocal delicious, free range eggs are provided by Stan Wamhoff.

12 Egg Shares are available for summer 2014

Summer Egg Share is $104.50, starting June 3 and ending October 14, running for 19 weeks. 

Please recycle your egg cartons by bringing them to the farm!



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CSA members receive approximately 70 pounds of fruit over 11 weeks. Fruit pick up will be at Happy Heart during distributions on Tuesdays.

$175 is the cost of a 2015 Fruit Share

Example of past fruit schedule: 

Tentative Fruit Schedule for 2015

Aug. 13- ` Peaches -4#

Aug. 20- Peaches 4#

Aug. 27- Peaches and 4#

Sept. 3- Two bags of fruit: Peaches and apples 4# and 3#=7#

Sept. 10- Two bags of fruit: Peaches and pears 4# and 3#=7#

Sept. 17- Two bags of fruit: Peaches and apples, pears or plums 4# and 3#=7#

Sept. 24- Two bags of fruit: Peaches, apples or pears 4# and 3#=7#

Oct. 1 - Apples and applesauce 3#+2#=5#

Oct. 8- Apples and apple cider 3#+3#=6#

Oct. 15- Apples and apple cider 3# and 3#=6#

Oct. 22- 10 lb. bag of apples and apple cider 10# and 3#=13#

Our mantra is that we only sell what we grow. If we have a shortage of fruit due to light crops, we will substitute the promised amount, dollar for dollar, with our processed goods or another fruit. We guarantee our fruit and that members receive the full retail value of the fruit share.


Fall Berry

Spring Berry Share

Grown by Garden Sweet in Fort Collins. Share includes a seasonal combination of strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries at our weekly distribution for eight weeks in August and September. This is an estimated total of 16 pints of berries.

$95 for eight weeks of delicious strawberries & raspberries!





Honey Share

The Vitamin Bee Company offers local raw honey to treat your sweet tooth. Our tasty golden honey is all natural and is produced by chemical-free beehives. In addition to the exceptional flavor, local honey offers many health benefits. When you visit Happy Heart Farms, come see the busy bees hard at work taking flight and returning with golden pollen and nectar foraged from the very plants and vegetables grown there. Honey will be available at the end of September. To reserve your honey share, please contact Rae Doner by phone or e-mail.

2014 Honey Prices:

8oz jar: $5.00
pint (16oz): $9.00
quart (32oz): $16.00

The Vitamin Bee Company
~We Keep Them and They Keep Us~

(970) 817-0820

Honey Prices TBA



Our Mushroom Share is Grown by Hazel Dell Mushrooms, Fort Collins. Available in one pound quantities for six weeks. Mushrooms are an excellent pairing with fall vegetables such as leeks and winter squash for delicious meals! Varieties included are; oyster, trumpet, button, crimini, portabello, shitake. The share consists of a mixture of the above mentioned varieties.

$80.00 One Pound Quantities for Six Weeks




Dern Farm is a Full Diet Farm and CSA,Community Supported Agriculture, growing all natural produce and ethically raising animals for our Northern Colorado Community.  We are excited to be a part of the evolution of our local food movement by offering shares of grass-fed beef, lamb and milk and non GMO fed pork, poultry and eggs.

Contact Dern Farm directly for prices & availability. 




The microgreens from Raspberry Hill Farm are now being handled and sold through Six Dog Farms. For all interested please visit SixDog Farms website to buy a microgreen share and directions to their location. 

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